Medal Republican Constitution Adopted, Issued by France, 1793
Artist: Benjamin Duvivier
Mint not recorded

Obverse Description

Liberty seated facing left on a chair which has the head of a cock on its arm resty and a level depicted on its base; she holds fasces with a spear from its centre in her right hand and a baton surmounted by the Cap of Liberty in her left; around, REPUBLIQUE UNE ET INDIVISIBLE; in exergue, NATION / FRANCAISE and in small letters at the right, the artist's name, DUVIVIER

Reverse Description

Surrounded by rays of light from heaven, an open book bearing the words, on the left page, DROITS / DE / L'HOMME; on the right page, CONSTI / TUTION / FRAN- / CAISE; below in seven lines CONSTITUTION REPUBLICAINE / ADOPTEE ET JUREE / EN PRESENCE / DE L'ETRE SUPREME / PAR LE PEUPLE FRANCAIS / INDIVIDUELLEMENT / CONSULTE; in exergue, LE 10 AOUST / 1793

Edge Description


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