Australia New South Wales
New South Wales Centennial 1888 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Other Details: New South Wales gilt bronze centennial medal, issued in 1888. The obverse features New South Wales leaning on a shield under sun rays, and a ship entering the Heads; the reverse features the Advance Australia Arms.
Previous Collections: George McArthur, Maldon

Obverse Description

New South Wales reclining and leaning on a shield decorated with bee-hive and golden-fleece(?), ship entering the Heads, radient sun above; Around above, NEW SOUTH WALES in exergue, CENTENNIAL

Reverse Description

Advance Australia Arms supported by kangaroo left, emu right; Around, AUSTRALIA'S CELEBRATION * 1888 * below Arms in tiny letters, STOKES & MARTIN / MELBOURNE

Edge Description


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