Glass plate negative portrait of Jean Wentworth Harvie, probably between the ages of 12 and 14 years.

It is thought that this photograph was taken by her father, studio photographer, Robert Harvie. There is a similar photograph of her sister, Ellison Harvie, in the Harvie Collection, see MM 043221.

Robert William Harvie was a professional photographer who, with his business partner Albert Sutcliffe, owned a photography studio named Harvie & Sutcliffe between 1898 and 1908, located in the Cromwell Buildings, 366a Bourke Street, corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne.

The Harvie Collection includes examples of Robert Harvie's private and professional photographic practice. A number of the photographs depict the family life of four generations of the Harvie family, including the Lang family.

The Harvie and Lang families had social significance in Melbourne through their active involvement in early Australian vegetarian movements, early moving film, photography and architecture, as well as various other cultural societies and clubs in Melbourne.

Description of Content

A side on view of a girl, sitting on a chair, reading a book, wearing a white shirt, darker skirt and watch. Her hair tied to the side or in pigtails over her left shoulder. She is looking down at the book in her lap.

Physical Description

Glass plate negative, black and white, portrait format.

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