Australia Victoria
Christmas 1872 (AD)
Mint: Stokes
Other Details: This small medal was made as a Christmas gift for 1872. It exists in two forms, one with the Christmas wish on one side and the Lord's Prayer on the other, and this one in which the Christmas wish is joined with a portrait of an Aboriginal man, Billi 'Ex: Rex (King) Vict(oria)'. Two other medals of the same size were struck at the mint erected at the Victorian Exhibition, 6 Nov. 1872 - 8 January 1873, showing the same image of Billi on the obverse, but with a coat of arms and reference to the exhibition mint on the reverse. Another medal showing Billi was minted by Stokes and Martin in 1869. Similar depictions of Aborigines appeared on other medals of this period, including two medals issued in 1876, 'Sandy: Ex Rex' and 'Ricketty Dick: Ex Rex'. Ricketty Dick camped on the fringes of settlement in Sydney.

Obverse Description

Bearded Aboriginal head right, around, BILLI EX: REX: VICT. 1872

Reverse Description

A MERRY / CHRISTMAS / AND / A HAPPY NEW YEAR below radiate star

Edge Description


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