Jubilee of Town of Kew 1910 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Other Details: Medal issued to commemorate the 50th jubilee of the Town of Kew. It names J.F. McCrea as Mayor. John Falding McCrea was Mayor of Kew 1910-11. Kew was proclaimed a municipality on 22 December 1860, seceding from the Boroondara Road Board District, then comprising Kew, Hawthorn and Camberwell. It was proclaimed a town on 8 December 1910, the year this medal was issued, and a city on 10 March 1921. On 22 June 1994 Kew city was united with Camberwell and Hawthorn cities to form Boroondara city.

Obverse Description

shield of six wheat-sheafs above motto CRESCO on ribbon; above shield is the Royal coat of arms with lion and unicorn supporters and, on ribbon DIEU ET MIN DROIT; on arms of cross top, TOWN / OF, bottom, KEW, left TO COMMEM / -ORATE, right, ITS JUBILEE / 1910

Reverse Description

Within line circle set at centre of cross shaped flan, CR. J.F. McCREA / J.P. / MAYOR on arms of cross, top, KEW bottom, JUBILEE, left 1860, right, 1910

Edge Description


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