Australia Victoria Shire of Gordon
Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin

Queen Victoria's 50th Jubilee in 1887 was celebrated the great enthusiasm throughout the British Empire. This medal was one of many issued to commemorate the occasion. It includes an illustration of General Gordon, and names Randolph Kemp as President and William F. Sheridan as Secretary. It may relate to the Shire of Gordon, although that district was named after the area's first settler, George Gordon, rather than General Gordon, the soldier-statesman killed in 1885 the Seige of Khartoum. Gordon was a popular general and a heroic figure throughout the Empire, and when he died the NSW Government sent troops to the Sudan, marking the first time that soldiers in the pay of a self-governing Australian colony fought in an imperial war.

Obverse Description

Head of Queen Victoria facing left, wearing veil and coronet; Around, VICTORIA'S JUBILEE Below, 1887. Inscription on truncation of Queen's neck: H.S.

Reverse Description

At centre within broad rim, bust of General Gordon; around above, RANDOLPH KEMP PRESIDENT below, WILLIAM F. SHERIDAN SEC.

Edge Description


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