Coronation of Edward VII, Commonwealth Celebrations 1902 (AD)
Mint: Stokes
Awarded to: School Children in Victoria
Other Details: The coronation of Edward VII in 1902 prompted major celebrations in Australia. It was an opportunity for the new nation to reaffirm its pride at being a key member of the British Empire. Over 40 different medals were produced around Australia. This medal, for school children, was made in Melbourne by Stokes.

Obverse Description

At centre, within line circle conjoined busts of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra; around, ALEXANDRA * CORONATION * EDWARD VII; below, 1902. Struck on a shield shaped flan with a crown and loop at the top

Reverse Description

Above small rising sun emblem, EDWARD VII / KING AND EMPEROR / ACCESSION 22.1.1901 / CORONATION 26.6.1902 / _._ / GOD SAVE THE KING / AUSTRALIAN; around below; COMMONWEALTH CELEBRATIONS

Edge Description


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