Lantern slide depicting the wreckage of war along a 'corduroy track' leading from Westhoek Ridge to Bellevarde Ridge, in the Ypres sector, in Belgium. The area towards Hooge and Chateau Wood is shown. The site is near Glencorse Wood, location of devestating fighting in September 1917. The slide is of low quality, and is clearly a copy of another image.

The photograph was taken during the Third Battles of Ypres, which began on 31 July 1917. The First Battle of Passchendaele took place on 12 October; the second from 26 October to 10 November.

Description of Content

Photograph of two soldiers standing in mud looking over wreckage.The landscape is a barren battlefield, with pools of water and upturned carts.

Physical Description

Lantern slide, printed with rectangular black and white photograph. Typed text beneath. Attached to slide on slight angle. Black border.

More Information