One of 35 black and white Lantern Slides depicting images of places and people taken in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district in Bavaria, Germany, circa 1920s. This Lantern slide depicts an image of a building 'Old House' decorated with Lüftlmalerei 'Lüftl frescos', which are commonly seen as decoration on buildings throughout the Bavarian Alps. They were made by painting directly onto the wet stucco which covers the timbered houses when it was first applied, they often tell stories or depict scenes and events.

Description of Content

Building decorated with Lüftlmalerei 'Lüftl frescos, it is three stories high and there appears to be a cross on the top of the building.

Physical Description

Standard format (3¼ x 3¼ inch square) lantern slide, comprising black & white photograph printed on glass with black paper edging under a protective glass cover plate.

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