Lantern slide promoting 'Salute the Soldier Week'. This campaign was held in Britain in 1944 to raise money for the war effort through events at the local level.

'Salute the Soldier Week' was held in Kingussie (a small town in highland Scotland) on June 17-24 1944 - this lantern slide was probably relating to that or a simultaneous event. The event raised £30,791 - more than twice the £15,000 sought - contributing to a successful campaign in the region. 'The Badenoch Record' of Saturday, July 1, 1944, reported that in the Highland Council Ward of Badenoch (in which Kingaussie is situated):

'Badenoch, at a close of a stirring week, learned with satisfaction that Inverness-shire's 'Salute the Soldier Week' raised £686,501. To overshoot its target of £400,000 by no less than £286,501, is a great credit on all concerned. The money, which will do all and more than was intended - equip a battalion of the Camerons for one year - is an excellent contribution to the national effort in maintaining a solid financial front.'

Description of Content

Coloured drawing of soldiers carrying firearms and packs, and wearing helmets. They move towards image against red background. Above, black background punctured by white skyburst, inscribed with red font highlighted with black. Another text panel overlays image of soldiers. Heading at top in red.

Physical Description

Glass lantern slide, square, printed in black, red and white. Slide has black edging.

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