One of only two surviving photographs of John Duigan's second glider built and flown at 'Spring Plains', Mia Mia, Victoria. The glider was based on a simplified half-scale version of the Wright Brothers 1906 Model A Flyer, with a wing span of 20 feet (6.1 m). Construction of the glider was commenced in late 1908, with the first flight made by John Duigan tethered to a length on fencing wire on a windy day in March 1909. John later reported that the facing into the wind the glider leapt into the air 'in a series of ups and downs' and 'in a strong blow [it] would lift two people'. It was, however, difficult to control pitching 'up and down far tooo rapidly to be comfortable' and was not stable enough for free flight. Within three months John had begun work on a new aircraft design that would be powered.

This photograph was later published in the British aviation journal 'Flight' on 10 Jan 1911.

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John Duigan seated in the rigid-wing glider that he built at 'Spring Plains' Station, Mia Mia, in central Victoria, based on the Wright Brothers' biplane. John's hands are gripping the two control levers that operared the front elevators and dual rudders at the rear. The glider is resting on the ground on the creek flat in front of a post and rail fence. At the top of the sloping ground In the backgrond is the entry driveway, lined by an avenue of trees, which led to the homestead where John was living with his brother Reginald at the time.

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