Silver Kangaroo Dollar 1994
Mint: Royal Australian, Canberra

"This Silver Kangaroo is the first 40 mm., 0.999 silver legal tender Australian coin produced by the Royal Australian Mint and guarenteed to be one Troy ounce of fine silver... The design of the Silver Kangaroo is reminiscent of Australia's pre-decimal penny. The kangaroo on the new coin faces the opposite direction to the penny 'roo. The coin also carries the 'C' mintmark denoting its origin in Canberra..." from the back of the coin packaging

Physical Description

A silver coin (40 mm diameter) with the obverse of Elizabeth II and featuring on the reverse kangaroo leaping to the right. The coin is in a hard plastic container which fits into a soft plastic cover.

Obverse Description

Diademed bust of Elizabeth II facing right; around, ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1994

Reverse Description

A kangaroo leaping to the right; around above, ONE DOLLAR; below, 1 OUNCE FINE SILVER C

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