Silver Kangaroo Dollar 1996
Mint: Royal Australian, Canberra

"This legal tender coin cannot normally be found in Australia's circulating currency. It is a special issue created by the Royal Australian Mint for collectors and international visitors and has unique heirloom and gift value. The Reverse features a portrait of and Eastern Grey Kangeroo and her Joey .." from the back of the coin packaging

Physical Description

A silver coin (40 mm diameter) with the obverse of Elizabeth II and featuring on the reverse an Eastern Grey kangaroo and her Joey. The coin is in a hard plastic container which fits into a soft plastic cover.

Obverse Description

Diademed bust of Elizabeth II facing right; around, ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1996

Reverse Description

An Eastern Grey kangaroo and her Joey; around above, ONE DOLLAR; below, 1 OUNCE FINE SILVER at left the mint mark C

Edge Description


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