Quincunx from the town of Teate in Apulia, Italy, circa 200 BC
Mint not recorded

Obverse Description

Head of Pallas Athena wearing a crested Corinthian helmet and facing to the right. Above the helmet are 5 dots (one is partly off the flan, these give the denomination)

Reverse Description

Owl standing right with head facing. Behind TIATI; in front 5 dots (giving the denomination)

Edge Description



Part of a series of bronze coins from Teate with marks of value. The five beads on either side give the coins value as 5 uncia, a quincunx. The weights seem to correspond with those of the Roman copper coins introduced in about 211 BC with the as of about 36 g. (this coin is worn but gives an as of about 30g)

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