Silver denarius struck during the reign of the Emperor Otho between 15 January 69 AD and 16 April 69 AD, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Rome. Otho entered Rome with the new emperor Galba expecting to be selected as his successor. When another was chosen Otho conspired with the Praetorian Guard to have Galba assassinated and took his place. However the legions in Lower Germany had already chosen Vitellius as the new Emperor. The two armies met and Otho, whose forces were defeated committed suicide belying the security proclaimed on this coin.

Obverse Description

Wigged head of Otho facing right, around, [IMP] M OTHO CAESAR AVG [TR P]

Reverse Description

Draped figure of Securitas standing facing left extending a wreath in her right hand and holding a long sceptre in her left; around, [S]ECVRITAS [P R]

Edge Description


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