Dupondius issued by the Emperor Nero probably in 66 AD, Minted by Rome, Ancient Roman Empire. This coin depicts the Temple of Janus with its doors closed. Closing the doors was a declaration that the Empire was at peace. "The peace with Parthia was signed at the end of A.D. 63 and the Temple of Janus was solemly closed the following year. The first issue of 'Janus' coins may have been designed for circulation on Jan. 1st. - the Feast of Janus - A.D. 65" RIC 1923, p. 156, n.1. Coins, like this one, with obverse legends beginning IMP are dated 66 to 68 AD.

Obverse Description

Radiate head of Nero facing left; around, IMP NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P P P

Reverse Description

Temple of Janus with closed doors on right and windows on left; around, PACE P R TERRA MARIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT; in the field, divided by the temple, S C

Edge Description


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