User manuals distributed by ROBO Systems, Computer Aided Design.

Physical Description

Boxed set of manuals for Robo Systems CAD; includes primary users manual, supplementary instruction booklet (units) and various diskettes. * Ringbinder manual. The cover is silver plastic over a card backing and has the 'ROBO SYSTEMS' logo printed in blue on the front of the folder. Inside the manual is divided into two components, the first comprises two plastic pocket each with three diskettes and the second is an indexed manual. * Spiral bound booklet for use with RoboCAD-PC. 149 pages in total with both text and illustrations. Has supplementary addendum inside the front cover which is a 3 page, stapled text documenting the extensions to RoboDRAFT v 1.3. * Student workbook to outline how to use the C.A.D (1 Symbols unit) system. Workbook comes in a silver, plastic folder (with blue geometric logo and design) with interior pocket for booklet and diskette storage. The booklet itself is 19 pages long and explains the 'process of graphic communication' with both text and illustrations. The accompanying diskette has a sticker on the surface to signify its relation to the workbook. There is also a pink post-it note on the plastic pocket containing the workbook. * Two-part cardboard box. Sleeve box, the exterior part of which has the logo and nine individual boxes (mirrored on opposite side of box), each with a different illustration. The interior/ bottom section has no decoration.

More Information

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    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr David Beech, 02/04/2002

  • Manufacturer (Probable)

    Robo Systems, 1986-1987

  • Inscriptions

    * Ringbinder manual: On front cover and on spine: "ROBO / [Logo] / SYSTEMS" Diskette (one example); ' KAO 440/ Double Sided/ Double Density/ Soft Sectored/ 48 TPI/ Double Face/ Double densite/ Secteaurs programmes/ 48 TPI/ RoboDRAFT v 1.3c/ PROGRAM/ KAO TM MD' On front of indexed manual; 'ROBO SYSTEMS Computer Aided Design/ RoboCAD-PC USER REFERENCE MANUAL For RoboCAD-PC version 3.0 and higher/ Issue No. : 5/ ISSUED: January 1987/ EDITOR: J.G. Dallman' Indexed sections include; 'INTRODUCTION / OPERATION / FUNCTIONS / APPENDIXES / INDEX / HARDWARE / ROBODATA' * Spiral bound booklet: On front cover: "QUICK-START / TUTORIAL / for Robo-CAD-PC / and RoboDRAFT / ROBO / SYSTEMS / Computer Aided Design" On back cover: "ROBO / SYSTEMS / Computer Aided Design / Robocom Ltd, River Park House, Wood Green, London N22" * Student workbook On front of folder: "ROBO / UNITS / COMPUTER-AIDED GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION" On front of booklet: "ROBO / UNITS / COMPUTER-AIDED GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION / 1 SYMBOLS" Handwritten in ink on front cover of booklet: "D. BEECH" On diskette: "ROBO / UNITS/ COMPUTER-AIDED GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION / No.1 / SYMBOLS / MASTER" Handwritten in ink on diskette cover: "D.BEECH" Handwritten on Post-It note: "Workbooks for students / showing how to use/ the system / 1986" * Two-part cardboard box. On front and back of sleeve, and on front of interior box: "ROBO / SYSTEMS / Computer Aided Design" On front of interior box: "RoboCAD-PC / DRAFTING SYSTEM"

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    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Software

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    History & Technology

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    250 mm (Length), 240 mm (Width), 120 mm (Height)
    Typical maximum dimensions of each Manual.

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    Innovation & Design