Security Key, also known as a 'Dongle' manufactured for/by Robo Systems, Computer Aided Design. A dongle is a hardware device that plugs into the serial or USB port of a computer to ensure that only authorized users can use certain software applications. Generally they are used with expensive, high-end software programs.

Physical Description

The main body of the object is flat and rectangular in shape. It has a an interface attachment on the bottom of the object and a cable running from the top, on the end of which is a second interface connector. Is partially housed in a carboard sleeve (unknown if original packaging).

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Information & Communication

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr David Beech, 02/04/2002

  • Manufacturer (Probable)

    Robo Systems, 1986-1987
    Mastering CAD with the Robo Systems CAD-2. Accessed 21 March 2013.

  • Inscriptions

    On top of case: "CONNECT TO / COMPUTER PORT / RoboSOLID / SECURITY KEY V-1 / SERIAL No. / UK 1029 / ROBO / SYSTEMS / Computer Aided Design / SERIAL PORT RS232C / CONNECT TO PLOTTER / OR INPUT DEVICE" On top of ribbon cable connector on case: "[Logo] SL M46 / [Logos]" On top of connector at end of ribbon cable: "[Logo] SL M49 / [Logos]"

  • Classification

    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Components & circuits

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Object Measurements

    295 cm (Length), 67 cm (Width), 21 cm (Height)
    with ribbon cable and connector

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