Plaubel & Co. 'Makina IIIR', strut-folding, range finder camera, manufactured in Germany, circa 1949.
Designed as a press camera, the Makina was able to take both roll film and single sheet film. It has an Anticomar 1:2.9 lens, with a Rapid-Compur shutter. The Plaubel Makina III was the last of the German-made Plaubel Makina cameras, manufactured between 1911 and 1960. This Makina IIIR is an early model from around 1949.

Physical Description

Chrome metal folding camera with collapsible front and back (open/ shut panel at rear that when open has a pop-out mechanism). The front of the camera expands on a metal frame when release button is pressed. Has both optical and wire frame viewfinders and a compur shutter/ lens. There is a pop-up rangefinder and interchangeable Anticomar lens for wide angle or telephoto attachments (with various numerical scales/ wheels). There is a shoulder strap that attaches at either side.

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