2 Rupees, Issued by, Madras Presidency, India, 1172 AH Year 2 (1807 AD)
Minted by Madras Mint

Obverse Description

Persian inscription with the date 1172 at the top

Reverse Description

Persian inscription with the year number 2 to right of the lotus mint mark

Edge Description

Milled ///


On 15 July 1807 a Proclamation authorised a full range of silver coins, including this new denomination, a double rupee, to be struck for the Madras Presidency. All coins were to be made from silver obtained from imported Spanish dollars, some original lettering from the Spanish coin can be seen around the edges of this coin. Dies for the smaller denominations were preparedat the Calcutta Mint, but the dies for the double rupees were made at Madras. The coins circulated along side of the pagoda standard pieces, which were struck until 1812. Both pagoda and Arkat rupee coinages were replaced by a new rupee standard in 1817

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