Al-Vista Panoramic Camera, manufactured by the Multiscope & Film Co., Burlington, Wisconsin, USA, circa 1900. It was probably used by photographer William S. Anderson.

It is part of a collection of glass plate negatives, stereoscopic negatives, panoramas, postcards, photographs and cameras belonging to the William S Anderson Collection.

William Anderson purchased 'Norman and Brown's' photographic business in December 1899 and began a strong association with Lorne that was to last for 50 years. From 1898 until his death in 1948 Anderson photographed the changing surrounding landscapes and visitors of guest houses in the area.

Physical Description

Box-form camera for panoramic exposures of varying lengths. Runs by clockwork, with the winder underneath. Lens is attached to velvet material and a mechanism which pivots the lens 180 degrees. Various levers and attachments on top include a gauge for measuring exposure length, a lever for regulating the amount of sweep of the lens, a viewfinder, and a gauge for measuring the amount of film which had been used; there is also a carrying strap handle and a long, leather handle which is attached at top of left and right sides. Black cover is in poor condition in places.

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