Leitz microscope in custom box. Used by Dr Roy Simmons at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Limited, Parkville, Victoria about 1970.
Simmons was best known for his work on the Rh blood group and on the devastating results of incompatibility between a baby's blood that is Rh-positive and a mother's that is Rh-negative. He was one of a team of researchers, drawn mainly from transfusion services and hospitals, who developed an exchange-transfusion technique which, by replacing an affected newborn baby's blood, saved many lives. A later group, again including Simmons, produced anti-Rh (D) gamma globulin which prevents haemolytic disease of the newborn. He is also famous for his work on kuru.

Physical Description

U-shaped black plastic stand, vertical metal tube support microscpoe apparatus. Two tubular eyepieces tapering to lenses. Stage is absent. Mirror at base for reflecting light into lenses. Two alternate lenses (one unit) housed in box. Wooden box is lockable, and is custom fitted for microscope.


Microscope used by Dr Simmons at CSL - famous for work on blood typing.

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