Box of vials for use with Abbe refractometer, about 1935. Used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Limited, Parkville, Victoria. Abbe refractometer measures refractive index (RI) and thus the concentration of liquids like serum. A drop is placed between prism and ground glass wedge. The RI is the number for the quadrant position when a black boundary lines up with a cross hair in the main eyepiece. Monobromonaphthalene is used to calibrate the Abbe refractometer.

Physical Description

black oblong box, lined with purple velvet, housing 18 glass vials of various sizes (in sidth, varying from 0.7cm - 4.5cm). Vials are constructed from a piece of U-shaped curved glass sandwiched between two planar rectangular pieces, to create a vial with an open top.


Example of equipment used for measuring serum for vaccine production

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