Tetanus antitoxin manufactured by CSL. Part of a snake bite kit display by CSL. Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Parkville

Physical Description

Box conatining glass vial


Example of CSL vaccine

More Information

  • Collection Names

    CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Medicine & Health

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from CSL Ltd (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), 24 Mar 2004

  • Maker

    CSL Ltd (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), circa 1950

  • Inscriptions

    Text on box: CAUTION S4/SUPPLY OF THIS PREPARATION EXCEPT/ON PRESCRIPTION IS ILLEGAL/KEEP PUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN/1 x 1 ml./VIULE of/TETANUS ANTITOXIN 1500 units/with Sensitivity Testing Unit 15 units/Each set contains 1 viule of Tetanus Antitoxin 1,500 Units in 1 ml./(Globuline refined and concentrated) with 0.3% Tricresol added/and i viule of Tetanus Sensitivity Testing Unit 15 units in 0-5/ml. with 0.3% Tricresol (for serum sensitivity testing only)./READ ENCLOSED CIRCULAR CAREFULLY/Made by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories for/BOOTS PURE DRUG CO. (AUST) PTY. LTD.

  • Classification

    Medicine & health, Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Exhibition Collection Management

    82 mm (Length), 48 mm (Width), 11 mm (Height), 21 g (Weight)
    Total weight includes packaging and label.

  • Overall Dimensions

    8.2 cm (Length), 4.8 cm (Width), 1.1 cm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Tetanus, Vaccines