Copper Halfpenny Token, minted by an unknown British mint. Issued by H.J. Marsh & Brother, Ironmongers, Hobart, circa 1855. On 26 April 1850 Henry James Marsh opened an ironmongery and paint shop at the corner of Murray and Collins Streets. It is believed that he entered into a partnership with his brother Samuel Charles Marsh in 1853, but Samuel died the following year. In 1867 the firm was known as H.J. Marsh and Co., and in 1912 the firm was absorbed by Harris and Marsh. H.J. Marsh died on 28 April 1897.

Physical Description

A round copper token (28 mm diameter) featuring the name and business of the company which issued the tokens: H.J. Marsh & Brother, Hobart Town, Ironmongers. The reverse depicts a paddle steamer with three sailing masts together with the motto "To Facilitate Trade" and the denomination Halfpenny Token..

Obverse Description

Legend in three lines, the first and last curved against the rim beads, H.J. MARSH & BROTHER / IRONMONGERS / HOBART TOWN

Reverse Description

At centre, a paddle steamer with three sailing masts sailing left under steam and front sails; around above, HALFPENNY TOKEN around below, TO FACILITATE TRADE

Edge Description


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