Alternative Name(s): Scales
Oertling scientific analytical balance, serial No.35227. Designed early 20th century, made for the firm H.B. Selby & Co., and used by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) Limited, Parkville, Victoria from around 1920.

The firm H.B. Selby & Co., of 443 Bourke Street, Melbourne and 8 O'Connell Street, Sydney, first appear with advertisements in Australian newspapers in 1917. The firm was prevoiusly known as H.B. Silberberg & Co., suggesting that the name change was promoted by anti-German sentiment in the communitty during World War I. H.B. Silberberg had spent 7 years on the Western Australian goldfields as a partner in the firm Train & Silberberg, before returning to Victoria in 1902 to take over a scientific instruments supply business previously run by his father.

Physical Description

Balance and box of weights housed in oblong-shaped wooden framed case with glass sides and glass top. Front panel slides vertically and can be removed. Balance comprises a vertical pillar with a complex system of horizontal arms at top forming a rocking beam. At ends of horizontal beam are hooks where scales can be hung. Brass adjustable legs.

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