Framed and mounted, hand-painted illuminated address with photographic portraits presented to Brother G. R. O'Callaghan P.C.R. (Past Chief Ranger) by the Irish National Foresters' (I.N.F.) Peter O'Neill Crowley Branch No28, for rendering valuable service, dated 25th July 1934. It was made by Leighton Studios of Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The portraits depict nine members of the society wearing ceremonial collars around a central portrait of G. R. O'Callaghan. The nine members are Bro. J. Harrington (D.C.R), Sister N. Bleazby (C.R), Sister C. Bleazby (S.C.R), Bro. W. Harwood (S.W), Bro. J. Fisher (J.W), Sister C. O'Brien (S.B), Bro. S. Moffat (J.B), Bro. R.W. Wood (Secretary) and Bro. R. J. Shea (Treasurer).

The Irish National Foresters Organisation began in 1877 as a breakaway from the parent Order of Foresters which was set up in England by serfs. Because they could not meet openly, they gathered in dense forest and gave names associated with forestry to their leaders. The self-help Order of Foresters gave the title of Chief Ranger and Assistant Chief Ranger to the men at the top, and members of the executive of local branches were called Woodward, Beadle and other names associated with their secret meeting places. The I.N.F grew rapidly and soon became the largest friendly society in Ireland. It supported Irish nationalism and its constitution called for 'government for Ireland by the Irish people in accordance with Irish ideas and Irish aspirations'. The rules of the I.N.F were those of the parent body. It is non-sectarian, non-political and there is no class distinction. It is a mutual aid society, established to help members in distress and the relatives of members who have died.

Physical Description

Dark brown, wooden frame. Portraits (head & shoulders) are mounted behind glass and dark brown board with oval cut-outs for the nine portraits. The central portrait is surrounded by a decorative,hand-painted coloured illumination which has the following illustrations: a deer with antlers coming out of a castle or tower; shield with image of harp entwined with clover leaves; landscape with church ruins, graveyard and reclining dog on the shore of a sea or lake; two men painted in green livery (green sashes) with gold trim and knee-high black boots holding a spear on either side of the portrait; red waratah, green clover, yellow wattle flowers; trees; shield with image of half a black eagle and a man's arm holding a sword (crest of Connaught or Connacht, Ireland); shield with image of hand, palm open (crest of Ulster, Ireland); shield with image of three crowns (crest of Munster, Ireland); shield with image of harp (crest of Leinster, Ireland); letters INF entwined in a symbol; letters and numbers AD1877 entwined as a symbol. Hand-painted text in white beneath portraits. Hand-painted text in red, gold, black and green. Decorative borders.

More Information

  • Collecting Areas

    Home & Community, Public Life & Institutions

  • Maker

    Leighton Studios, Moonee Ponds, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1934

  • Presented By

    Irish National Foresters' Friendly Society, Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 25 Jul 1934

  • Presented To

    Mr G. R. O'Callaghan, 25 Jul 1934

  • Individuals Identified

    O'Callaghan, G. R.; Harrington, J.; Bleazby, N.; Bleazby, C.; Harwood, W.; Fisher, J.; O'Brien, C.; Moffat, S.; Wood, R. W.; Shea, R. J.

  • Inscriptions

    Top of address: ' I.N.F Peter O'Neill Crowley Branch No 28 ' Below address: ' Presented To / Bro. G. R. O'Callaghan P.C.R. / For Valuable Services Rendered 25 - 7 - 34 ' Above central portrait: ' IRISH NATIONAL FORESTERS / FRIENDLY SOCIETY / Registered pursuant to Act of Parliament ' Below central portrait: ' Presented to Bro. G. R. O'CALLAGHAN / for services rendered as past Chief ranger / Bro. G. R. O'Callaghan was admitted a member of the Order / in Branch C. S. Parnell No 3 on 13TH Dec. 1927 / Sister N. Bleazby Chief Ranger Sister C Bleazby Sub.Chief Ranger / Bro. R. W. Wood Secretary ' Below other portraits: 'Bro. J. Harrington / D.C.R ', ' Sister N. Bleazby / C.R ', ' Sister C. Bleazby / S.C.R ', ' Bro. W. Harwood / S.W ', ' Bro. J. Fisher / J.W ', ' Sister C. O'Brien / S.B ', ' Bro. S. Moffat / J.B ', ' Bro. R.W. Wood / Secretary ', ' Bro. R. J. Shea / Treasurer ' Lower left side: ' Leighton / Studios / Moonee Ponds '

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    Societies, Friendly

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    History & Technology

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  • overall dimensions

    865 mm (Width), 50 mm (Depth), 1040 mm (Height)

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    Friendly Societies, Irish Communities