This device was used for manually entering data into punched cards by punching holes at specified locations by the pressing of a key on the keyboard. The machine also printed, on the top of the card, an alphanumeric translation of what had been punched into the card. The punched out pieces fell into the rear of the machine; some pieces still remain.

Physical Description

Grey desk unit with two card hoppers and movable QWERTY keyboard. Opening the back reveals a motor coloured blue unlike the rest of the machine. This may mean the motor is a replacement as the date on it is1963. Four documentation sheets (210 by 280), a torn section of punch card with letters and numbers on it, and a small C shaped piece of metal accompany the machine.

More Information

  • Manufacturer

    International Business Machines (IBM), United States of America, circa 1956

  • Inscriptions

    Plate on side: 240 V 50 c 1.6 A Sticker on inside of bottom plate of keyboard: (IBM logo) Service Coverage / TYPE 0026 / ORIG 00 / SERIAL 47907 / INSTALLATION DATE 14 08 61/ CUSTOMER NAME NMLA MELBOURNE / NUMBER 626100 / (text) / EXPIRY DATE 14 11 61 / EFFECTIVE DATE 22 (illegible) 73 / (text) Plate on motor: (text) HITACHI (text) 1963 (text) At bottom of punch card: PRINTED IN AUSTRALIA Four documentation sheets: Main diagram: IBM Wiring Diagram / Machine-Printing Card Punch / Model 026 Supplement #1: ALTERNATE PROG OPTION / (TEXT) / 24 10 59 Supplement #2: W.D Supplement / (text) / 1-23-61 Supplement #3: SUPPLEMENT W. D / FOR W. D 228005R / (text) / 6-12-59

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    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Media & storage

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    800 mm (Width), 720 mm (Depth), 970 mm (Height)

  • References

    IBM 026 Printing Card Punch accessed 13 July 2012: [Link 1]

  • Keywords

    Punch Card Systems