Framed, illustrated certificate presented by the Victorian Railways Institute (VRI) to W.E. Long in appreciation of services rendered to the Geelong Centre as Secretary between 1943 and 1945.

The VRI was formed in 1909 as a a Social Organisation, where Railway Staff could come together and discuss common issues, and relax in a friendly environment. For many years it was also the primary educator of all Victorian Railways Staff.

Physical Description

Colour certificate mounted behind glass in a wooden frame. Hand-coloured and handwritten text. Illustrations of a steam locomotive coming out of a tunnel; Flinders Street Station within emblem of the Victorian Railways Institute; wattle flowers; a classroom with blackboard, lecturer and students; gymnasium with men posed in acrobatic formation on top of each other, man flipping off rings and man on parallel bars. Wire attached to rear of frame with nails. Three metal picture hooks attached to rear of frame.

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