Framed dispensation certificate granted by the Grand Master and Board of Directors of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity Friendly Society to the Port Phillip District Branch to open 'Galatea Lodge No. 5362' at South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Certificate granted at Manchester, County of Lancaster, United Kingdom on 7th October, 1868.

Physical Description

Stained white rectangular sheet of paper, printed in black ink, behind glass. Red seals. Decorative borders. Banner surrounding a vignette of a shield (Coat of Arms) flanked on the left side by a woman holding a child with two children beside her. On the right of the shield is a woman holding an anchor with her arm around a woman holding a cross. The shield has images of an hourglass, two crossed keys, a beehive, a dog carrying a flag, and a rose. Above the shield there is an image of an eye with rays and an orb with a open right hand protruding from it that has a heart on the opened palm, all surrounded by a laurel wreath. There are also images of a cornucopia of fruit, a dove, two shields and a group of people holding a scroll beside a reclining lion.

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