Framed statement of acknowledgement issued by the Australian Bank Officials' Association (A.B.O.A.) in 1970. The statement acknowledges the role played by four of its female members regarding their contribution to the cause of women receiving equal payment as their male colleagues for undertaking the same work.

The members, Miss Jill Marion Heymanson (Bank of New South Wales), Miss Suzanne Margaret Davis (English Scottish and Australian Bank), Miss Margaret Elsie Tate (Australia and New Zealand Bank) and Miss Margaret June Shepherd (Bank of New South Wales), gave evidence in the Industrial Court in 1969 against their employers. The employers were judged to be in breach of the Bank Officials (federal) Award 1963. As a result, salary increases and back pay were awarded to the four women, and to all female bank officers employed at those banks, whose pay rates had also been in breech of the award.

Physical Description

Printed sheet of white paper behind glass in a wooden frame. Picture hook at top of frame. Black printed text on ABOA letterhead, a five-pointed star with text and initials inside.

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