Small offset type lithographic printing press on tubular steel stand.

The machine was manufactured by the Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation, of Cleveland, Ohio, probably after 1948. The eqiupment was used by Triangle Press of 380 Burnley Street, Richmond & 111A Bank Street, South Melbourne, established in 1948. The printing bussiness was owned by Fred Matlock, who donated a large collection of printing equipment to the museum.

Operation was by the automatic feeding of sheets. Printing was by a photoengraved zinc plate, an example of which can be seen on the press and which carries the name of Triangle Press and appears to be a Xmas wrapper utilized by the business.

There are two electric motors in the machine. The first motor drove the machine and the second motor drove the pump, which provided compressed air to the feeder.


Frank Atkinson, the Victorian Government Printer, suggested that this was a first model. Multilith small offset presses became popular after World war Two (1939-1945) as a cheap entry into stationery and forms printing.

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