Grey paper label from Madison brand packaging exclusively designed and manufactured by Gloweave for Roger David Menswear stores.

Gloweave is a Melbourne-based company established in 1944 under the name Comfort Shirt and Underclothing Manufacturing Company and originally made military shirts and undergarmets. In 1950 Saul Same changed the organisation's focus by designing shirts that were more stylish and fashionable and the business soon became a well-respected menswear retailer. Four years later the company changed its name to Gloweave, the nylon fabric name of its most popular and best selling shirt. Gloweave is still in operation today and has expanded its range to include a wide variety of men's and women's clothing.

Physical Description

Square paper label. Silver printed text on grey background. There is a soft fold approximately a third of the distance from the bottom of the label.

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