Metal seal for the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (M.M.B.W.). The seal incorporates the coat of arms of Melbourne and the United Kingdom, and the motto of the board 'Publica Merces Salus Mea', 'Public Health is my Reward'.

Physical Description

Decorative cast metal disc attached to a square block of layered wood. Paper attached to opposite edge. Text around the circular edge and in banners below two shields. The banners have leaves entwined. Above the two shields there is a kangaroo in profile beneath sun rays. One shield is part of the Coat of Arms of Melbourne and has a hanging fleece (top left quadrant), whale (top right quadrant), a bull (lower left quadrant) and a three-masted ship (lower right quadrant). The other shield is part of the Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom and has three lions passant (top left and lower right quadrants) representing England, a lion rampant (top right quadrant) representing Scotland and a harp (lower left quadrant) representing Ireland.

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