Australian Army Medical Corps slouch hat, kahki green. No badges. Part of an Australian uniform, Australian Army Medical Corps, 1914-18, worn by Lieutenant-Colonel John Hodgson Nattrass, 2nd Field Ambulance.

According to the Royal Women's Hospital biographical web site, John Hodgson Nattrass (1870-1943) was born near Ballarat, and graduated with a medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 1898. During his university years, he entered the University Officers' Corps of Instruction, and later joined the Army Medical Corps. He served as Captain, Major and then Lieutenant-Colonel.

Meanwhile, he worked as a Resident Medical Officer at the Melbourne Hospital, the Children's Hospital and the Women's Hospital. He subsequently purchased a practice in Victoria Street, North Melbourne. His research work with Professor W.A. Osborne into autoplastic ovarian transplantation gained him an M.D. Degree. After working and studying in Britain in 1910, he returned to Melbourne and became a gynaecologist. He was subsequently appointed a surgeon at the Women's Hospital.

With the outbreak of World War I, at the age of 44, he was rejected for service abroad. Instead he contributed to the war effort by serving as Senior Medical Officer at the Queenscliff Forts. Subsequently, he became Senior Medical Officer at Broadmeadows Camp, Acting Officer Commanding No.5 Australian General Hospital, Principal Medical Officer, Camp Headquarters' Staff; and Assistant Principal Medical Officer, Third Military District (Victoria). His 'specially meritorious service to Australia' earned him a mention in Orders.

Physical Description

Army slouch hat. Green khaki. No badges. Leather chin strap. Cloth band around crown, roughly sewn on, with large stitches visible.

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