Pattern 1 Tael, Issued by Hong Kong, Shanghai, 1867
Minted by Hong Kong Mint.

Obverse Description

At centre crowned British Arms within garter; below 982 G 566 around, ONE TAEL SHANGHAI HONG 1867 KONG

Reverse Description

At centre a dragon facing within a garter; around four Chinese characters

Edge Description



The Hong Kong mint was established on 7 May 1866 to strike silver coins from dies supplied from the Royal Mint, London. It was soon realized that this was not prooving profitable and attempts were made to interest the Chinese government to approve the use of the silver coins within China. This coin was designed and the dies cut at the Hong Kong mint. Samples were sent to Peiking (Beijing) but even the inclusion of the Chines dragon failed to win over officials. The value of the coin is given as 1 Tael Shanghai, an accepted Chinese weight standard. Failurte of this attempt to interesrt the Chinese led to the closure of the Hong Kong mint in 1868, it was sold to the Government of Japan and there set up at Osaka.

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