This apron was embroidered to commemorate the Centenary of Melbourne in 1934. It is embroidered with an image of Prince George. The reference to Prince George is not common in Centenary of Melbourne souvenirs; as this was a personal souvenir of the centenary, perhaps the creator wanted to link Melbourne's celebrations with Prince George's marriage to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark on 29 November 1934.

Physical Description

Apron of soft white linen onto which is embroidered a detailed portrait of Prince George in profile, wearing a blue jacket and hat. Two scrolls with text are at the top and bottom of the portrait. Sprays of native flowers, including eucalypt, are on either side of the portrait. The apron has two small pockets, one on each side just below the bib, which have been embroidered with native blossom. Stitches used in the embroidery include stem stitch, satin stitch and ladder stitch. Red cotton edging has been used all around the edge of the apron and on the top edges of the pockets.

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