1 Cent or 1 Pice, Issued by Pulau Pinang, Penang, Prince of Wales Island, Malaysia, 1787
Minted by Calcutta Mint, India

Obverse Description

United East india Company's bale mark; below 1787 divided by a rosette

Reverse Description

Inscription in Arabic script "Jezirah Perrinsa ab-Wailis" (Prince of Wales Island)

Edge Description



Cents and 1/2 cents were struck for Captain Francis Light at the Calcutta Mint the year after he founded the British colony of Penang. They were the second issue of copper coins for the island after the heavy undated uniface cents attributed to 1786. In Penang the standard coin was the Spanish American silver dollar and these coins were 100 and 200 to the dollar. However they have for a long time been termed a pice and 1/2 pice, an Indian denomination which was a fraction of a rupee. The earliest notice of this incorrect terminology is reported by Pridmore as occuring in 1825.

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