Australia Victoria Camberwell & Boroondara
Coronation of Edward VII medal 1902 (AD)
Mint: Stokes
Proof-like specimen strike, not holed
Other Details: The coronation of Edward VII in 1902 prompted major celebrations in Australia. It was an opportunity for the new nation to reaffirm its pride at being a key member of the British Empire. Over 40 different medals were produced around Australia. This medal was issued by the Shire of Camberwell & Boroondara, and names William George Mc Beath as Shire President. McBeath was a councillor for the Shire of Camberwell & Boroondara and later the Camberwell City Council 1890 - 1917, and was four times elected president or mayor. He was also a prominent businessman and closely involved in the National Party. The Shire of Camberwell & Boroondara, a middle class suburb 9km east of Melbourne, was formed the year this medal was issued. It had previously been the Shire of Boorondara. The Shire of Camberwell & Boorondara only existed until 1912, when it became the City of Camberwell.

Obverse Description

At centre, within line circle conjoined busts of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra; around, EDWARD VII AND ALEXANDRA 0; below, CROWNED 26 JUNE / 1902. Struck on a shield shaped flan with a crown and loop at the top

Reverse Description

Within garter, two crossed shields featuring plough and sheaf, bee-hives, grape vines and crossed spade & pick; on garter, SHIRE OF CAMBERWELL AND BOROONDARA; around above, W.G. Mc.BEATH PRESIDENT below, 1902

Edge Description


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