Silver coin; Denomination: Testoon
Edinburgh mint
Mary (1542-1567)

The testoon was current at 5 shillings. This coin was called in by James VI in 1578 due to an increase in the value of silver. It was countermarked with a thistle, re-valuing it at 7 shillings 4 pence. Coins with the countermark are often listed under James VI even though originally issued by Queen Mary.

Obverse Description

Crowned shield charged with the lion rampant and dividing the letters M R; around, MARIA DEI G SCOTOR REGINA 1557

Reverse Description

Cross potent with a cros in each angle; around, (mm. crown) IN VIRTVTE TVA LIBERA ME 1557 (translation, In Thy strength deliver me). Countermarked with thistle in first angle of cross.

Edge Description


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