Denarius, Issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 140 BC
Moneyer: C. Valerius Flaccus
Minted by Rome

Obverse Description

Helmeted head of the Roman goddess Roma facing right; behind, the numeral, XVI (16)

Reverse Description

The winged Roman goddess Victory driving a fast biga to right; above, FLAC; below, C. VAL. C.F; below in box, ROMA

Edge Description



The denarius, which had been valued at 10 (X) copper as when created in 211 BC, was retarrifed to 16 (XVI) as in about 141 BC. For a short time the numeral XVI was employed on the obverse of the coins to indicate this change but the name denarius remained in use so in 140 BC the XVI form was discontinued and the X returned though it now stood for the name denarius rather then the number of as the coin was worth. Reference: Crawford p. 73 and 262.

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