Proof 1 Cent, Issued by, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1871
Minted by Heaton & Sons, Birmingham, England (under the supervision of the Royal Mint, London, this proof probably struck in London)

Obverse Description

Within a beaded circle, diademed head of the Queen facing left; around, VICTORIA QUEEN 1871

Reverse Description

Within a beaded circle, a large oak tree sheltering three small maple trees above PARVA SUB INGENTI (translation: the small protected by the great); around, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND ONE CENT

Edge Description



Under the Act 34 Vict., c.5 of 1871 Princ Edward Island adopted the decimal system of currency, its dollar linked to that of the Dominion of Canada and the United States of America. $10,000 worth of 1 cent coins were ordered (with the same weight as the British 1/2 penny) the obverse is the same as that of the 1/2 penny of Jamaica and the reverse is adapted from the seal of the island. On 26 June 1873 Prince Edward Island was incorporated within the Dominion of Canada.

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