Denarius, Issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 131 BC
Moneyer: M. Opeimius
Minted by Rome

Obverse Description

Helmeted head of Roma facing rght; behind, a TRIPOD; in front, X with cross bar

Reverse Description

Apollo driving a fast biga to right, he is drawing a bow and arrow while holding the reins, quiver on his back; below, M.OPEIMI; in exergue, ROMA

Edge Description



In 139 BC the Lex Gabinia put an end to voting by a show of hands. The secret ballot ended control by noble candidates of their 'supporters' and saw a dramatic change in selection of coin types as those in charge of the coin designs sought to promote themselves. The moneyer, who is otherwise unknown, has sought to draw attention by use of the tripod on the obverse and Apollo in the biga on the reverse.

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