Denarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 82 BC
Authorised by: L. SVLLA IMP and L. MANLI PROQ (L. Sulla, as imperator and L. Manli Torquati, as Proquaestor)
Struck at a mint moving with Sulla in the East

Obverse Description

Roma wearing a winged helmet facing right; around, L. MANLI PROQ

Reverse Description

Sulla as triumphator advancing to right in horse drawn quadriga; above , Victory flying to the left in the act of crowning Sulla with a wreath; in exergue, [S]VLLA IM[P]

Edge Description



Lucius Cornelius Sulla had been given command of a Roman force against Mithridates but the Senate reverse this decision giving it instead to his political opponent Marius. At this, Sulla marched his forces against Rome itself, capturing it though Marius escaped. He later returned to the East where he made peace with Mithridates before moving into Asia before being forced by events in Rome to return again with his army to invade Italy. The issue of this coin belongs to that phase, when he controlled vast wealth obtained from Mithridates and from the cities of Asia. In 81 BC he was back in Rome where he increased the number of Senators from 300 to 600 boosting his support.

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