Quinarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 97 BC
Moneyer: circa EGNATVLEI circa F. Q (circa Egnatuleius)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Apollo facing right; behind, C. EGAT VLEI.C.F.; below neck, Q

Reverse Description

Winged Victory standing facing left inscribing a shield which is attached to a trophy, to left of trophy , a carnyx; between trophy and Victory, Q; in exergue, ROMA

Edge Description



Crawford (p.629) indicates that the production of the quinarius denomination is linked to Roman activity in Gaul. He suggests that this issue should be associated with the Roman colonization undertaken by Marius and (p.332) that the reverse type of Victory inscribing a shield on a military trophy is also a reference to Marius' military success.

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