Denarius issued by the Ancient Roman Republic, 48 BC
Moneyer: C. VIBIVS C.F C.N PANSA (C. Vibius C.F. C.N. Pansa Caetronianus)
Struck at the Rome mint

Obverse Description

Head mask of bearded Pan facing right; behind, Pan-pipe; below PAN[SA]

Reverse Description

Seated figure of Jupiter Axurus facing left holding apatera in right hand and a sceptre in left; around, C. VIBIVS. C.F CN IOVIS AXVR

Edge Description



The obverse mask of Pan refers to the moneyers name, Pansa. The depiction of Jupiter A(n)xurus on the reverse may suggest the moneyer had links with the town of Terracina where there was a temple dedicated to this deity.

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