Denarius issued by the Ancient Roman Republic, 54 BC
Moneyer: BRVTVS (M. Iunius Brutus)
Minted at Rome

Obverse Description

Head of Liberty facing right, behind, LIBERTAS

Reverse Description

The Consul of 509 BC, L. Iunius Brutus, between two lictors walking to left following an accensus; in exergue, BRVTVS

Edge Description



The moneyer is both reflecting on the glory of his ancestors and taking a stand against Pompey's intentions of sole rule. The reverse depict a procession of the moneyers ancestor who was Consul in 509 BC. Magistrates who were attended by lictors had also supernumerary attendants (accensi), who did not bear the fasces, but were ready to replace a lictor if occasion should arise. There is no reason to assume that these attendants were chosen from the class of accensi; in later times they were generally the freedmen of the magistrates whom they served.

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