Denarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 59 BC
Moneyer: SVFENAS (M. Nonius Sufenas)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Bearded head of Saturn facing right, behind, a harpa (a sickle used for grain harvest and as a weapon) and a representation of the stone which Saturn swallowed believing it to be the child who grew up to be Jupiter; above, S.C; at right (tops of letters off flan), SVFENAS

Reverse Description

Roma seated facing left on a pile of armour, holding a sceptre; behind her, Victory in the act of crowning Roma with a wreath and holding a palm branch; around, . PR. L. P.F; in exergue, SEX. NONI

Edge Description



The reverse refers to an ancestor of the moneyer, Sextus Nonius, and his role in the Victory Games of Sulla. Crawford expands the reverse legend to : Sex. Noni[us] pr[aetor] I[udos] V[ictoriae] p[rimus] f[ecit]

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