Silver Denarius issued by the Emperor Nero, undated but struck after the coinage reform of 64 AD and believed to be from the last year of his reign. Minted by Rome, Ancient Roman Empire.

After the great fire of 64 AD the Roman coinage was reformed, gold aureii were struck at 45 to the pound (had been 43) and silver denarii at 96 to the pound (had been 89). This coin, though bearing no date can be placed after the reform by its weight.

A chip in the edge of this coin suggests that it has been used as jewellery, the chip being where the mount has been broken away.

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Nero facing right; around, IMP NERO CAESAR AVG PP

Reverse Description

Salus seated on throne facing left extending a patera in her right hand; in exergue, SALVS

Edge Description


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