1 Penny, Issued by, British West Africa - East Africa Mule, 1936 H
Minted by The Mint, Birmingham
Struck in the name of King Edward VIII

Obverse Description

An imperial crown above a central circular hole with a scroll ornament to right and left; around, outside the scroll ornaments, EDWARD VIII REX ET IND: IMP:; below hole in two lines TEN CENTS; the mint mark, H, below the denomination

Reverse Description

Around circular central hole, Solomon's seal, consisting of two equilateral triangles interlaced; around, BRITISH WEST AFRICA 1936

Edge Description



One of the few coinages struck in the name of King Edward VIII before his abdication. This piece was incorrectly struck with the die of the East African 10 Cent as its obverse. Coins struck with dies that do not match are known as 'mules'.

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